who do we support?

Community Supported Living Ltd work with a wide range of individuals with:

Mental Health Disorders

25% of the population will at sometime suffer from a mental health problem. This includes depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, stress, schizophrenia and complications relating to drug and alcohol misuse.

Physical Health Disorders

This is loss of independent functioning, such as having restricted movements.  It is a need to be transferred using specialised equipment and using a wheelchair for mobility.

Sensory Disorders

This is a customer with sight or hearing loss. With the help of sign language and their own specialised equipment, the customer is enabled to function as independently as possible.

Learning Disorders

This is when the development of the intellect level expected is not achieved. It can be caused by complications during birth or congenital abnormality.

We work closely with family members and the customer’s advocate to enable a fulfilled lifestyle to be gained and participation in all aspects of the community. We understand that people with a learning disability are individuals with their own personality and have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. With the support of Community Supported Living Ltd staff, they will be given the opportunity to receive training and guidance for their future. 

Autistic Disorder

This is a life long disorder that affects the development of a person in many areas of life, including social relationships, emotional detachment and impairment with communication.

Asperger’s Disorder

This is often regarded as a mild form of autism.  People form poor relationships and have behaviour which is intense and rigid.  Their language and intelligence is intact.

Down’s Syndrome

This is an abnormality due to having an extra pair of chromosomes.  It causes learning disabilities, higher likelihood of conditions such as heart disease and infertility, along with characteristic physical features such as a rounder face, an almond shape to the eyes and lower muscle tone.

Acquired Brain Injuries

This is caused by a physical trauma to the brain or a catastrophic event e.g A cerebro vascular accident or brain tumour.  It can affect cognition, physical, emotional or independent functioning.

Social, Physical and Personal Activities

Community Support Living Ltd staff are available for people needing help on a short or long-term basis if you are unable to carry out any of the above.

Leaving Care (age 16-25)

This is a service we offer assisting the planning of people’s life during the transition into adulthood.  We work closely with young people who need to become independent in all aspects of daily living skills.  The work includes advice on continuing with their education, introduction to courses that provide qualifications to gain employment, shopping and budgeting skills.  There is help with cooking, domestic activities, leisure activities, meeting people and preventing social isolation.